About Us

Our credit union was originally founded in 1953 as a credit union for employees of Shell Canada.

As the energy industry evolved, so did the credit union. On June 13, 2018, the membership approved to change the credit union's name from Shell Employees' Credit Union to SPARK The Energy Credit Union to signal our opening to the people of the energy industry at large - no matter if you're an employee, contractor, or consultant.

Our long history of serving people just like you means that we have the knowledge and the understanding to serve your unique needs. We know the cyclical nature of the energy world and because of this, our goal is to be your financial allies who will help you thrive in good times and be resilient in challenging times.

For you to bank with us, you must own a portion of SPARK. This entails a range of benefits including voting rights, profit-sharing, and access to our value-added products and services.