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2018 Call for Nominations

Board members wanted: engage your community, expand your skills

SPARK The Credit Union is looking for talented and driven thought leaders to run for candidacy at our upcoming Board of Directors elections. If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity that will allow you to hone your expertise in the areas of governance and strategy-building, then read on:

As a SPARK Director, you will play a pivotal role in helping steer SPARK as they move towards a new strategic direction. You will gain exposure to various aspects of our business – not a small feat considering that we are Alberta’s tenth largest credit union with over 6000 members across the province and a quarter of a billion dollars in assets. An incubator for leadership, your stint in the SPARK board will equip you with a unique skill set that will propel your personal and professional development to great heights.

In return, SPARK will look to you to help continually strengthen our ties with the energy community. If successfully elected, you will serve a 3-year term, which will require, at a minimum, monthly attendance for meetings. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to serve on various sub-committees such as audit/finance, HR, risk, and marketing.

Ready to toss your hat in the ring?  Please send your expression of interest, along with your resume and a 2x2” photo this email:

Questions? Send us an email and we’d be more than happy to help?

Your expression of interest should include responses to the questions below:

  1. As a financial cooperative, credit unions around the world are guided by the Seven Co-operative Principles. If elected to the board, how will you put these principles into practice?
  2. What do you think are the characteristics of a great board member, and which among these characteristics do you possess?
  3. Board members bring experience, wisdom, strategic thinking and their networks. Tell us about yours and how you plan to use these to help bolster SPARK’s future?
  4. As a potential director of our board, what does strategy mean to you,and what do you see as your main strategic role?

Your photo and your responses to the questions above will be included in our online voters information kit, which will be accessible through our official website and social media pages (Facebook and LinkedIn). As for your resume – this will remain confidential and will be used only for the nominating committee’s information.

  • Numbers of positions open: 4
  • Time commitment required: Minimum 2 hours a week; which includes committee meetings during office hours, and some evening work
  • Deadline for application: January 12, 2018
  • Other requirements: Applicant should be a member of SPARK The Credit Union in good standing.