Board of Directors

The SPARK board is a dedicated team of experienced professionals from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, all committed to one goal: to help make a difference in the financial lives of Albertans who work in and support our dynamic energy industries.  They are member-owners of SPARK who, like you, have an interest in seeing the credit union succeed today and in the future.

Executive Committee
Tim Rose, Chair
Charles DeLand, 1st Vice Chair
Tim Crowe, 2nd Vice Chair

Audit Finance Committee
Darlene Harris, Chair
Tim Crowe
Erin Bradley
Benjamin Chappell
Risk Committee
Sherri Nicholson
Peter Taylor
Governance Committee
Peter Taylor, Chair
Charles DeLand

The SPARK Board Experience

“I’ve been on the SPARK board for almost 4 years now and I feel that I have gained a diverse range of skills from this opportunity.  I have a much better appreciation of the extensive and ever-increasingly complex regulatory environment that credit unions operate in and what it means to be a credit union.  The competition for members and their business has never been more critical and the decisions made around the boardroom table have ripple effects that will be far-reaching.   I have learned to have the confidence both in myself and in my fellow board members that collectively, we will make the right strategic decisions at the right time to ensure the long-term success of SPARK.”

- Theresa Acchione

“After becoming a member of the Credit Union in 2008, I joined the Board in 2010 as a Director Trainee to learn first-hand what it meant to serve members at the Board-level and became an elected Director in 2014.  
Through my Board involvement, I have been exposed to an aspect of the finance community that I would never have received in my day job, helping navigate the strategic direction of SPARK during a very pivotal time for our Credit Union, our province, and the energy industry as a whole. I have also had the opportunity to learn from a pool of highly skilled Directors and gained invaluable leadership skills.”

-Belinda Simpson