Call for Nominees

Who is the SPARK board?

The SPARK board is a dedicated team of experienced professionals from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, all committed to one goal: to help make a difference in the financial lives of Albertans who work in and support our dynamic energy industries.  They are member-owners of SPARK who have an interest in seeing the credit union succeed today and in the future.

What is the board responsible for?

Our board is made up of volunteers who possess demonstrated experience in their fields, and together, they are tasked with the important job of setting SPARK’s direction, outlining our strategic objectives, and monitoring the health and performance of our credit union. In return for their commitment and time investment, members of the SPARK board receive professional development and personal growth, ultimately fueling career advancement.

Interested in joining?

Apply to join the SPARK board if you would like to challenge yourself, grow your personal brand and expand your network while supporting our mission to help our members thrive in good times and be resilient in challenging times.

The SPARK Board Experience

"It is a privilege and career enhancing opportunity to be a member of SPARK’s  Board.  The individual directors all bring valuable perspectives and experiences that enrich and strengthen our governance.  Learning from each other as we grow and shape this credit union as per our strategy has been the highlight of my career.  This experience is irreplaceable and should be strong priority for any member seeking to be a part of a strong organization.”

- Adam Battistessa