Member Complaint Resolution Process

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Complaint Resolution Process

SPARK is dedicated to serving our member’s everyday needs with efficiency, accuracy and courtesy. If an occasion ever arises where a member feels that SPARK has not lived up to this commitment, the following 5-step process will be followed:

Step 1: Introducing the Concern/Complaint

Member initiates concern/complaint by calling any employee of SPARK and disclosing/discussing in detail, any and all events surrounding their concern or complaint.

The staff member will document these details and the circumstances surrounding the concern/complaint whether it is transactional, investment-related, loan-related, mortgage-related or a complaint pertaining to a particular employee by completing the Concern/Complaint form.

Step 2: Investigating the Concern/Complaint

Once the form has been completed, the employee will forward the form to their immediate Supervisor/Manager. If the concern/complaint happens to be about their immediate Supervisor/Manager, the form must be forwarded to the next level of management.In the case of the President & CEO, the form will be given to the Chairman of the Board. An immediate investigation will commence.

Step 3: Response

After the investigation, the appropriate response must be documented on the form and the member contacted.  In most cases, the response must be within 5 business days.

Step 4: Follow-Up

If required, all follow-up must be documented on the form including the date the member was advised.

Step 5: Final Sign-off

When the concern or complaint has been dealt with, the final step will be the approval of the President & CEO. In cases where the concern/complaint involves the President & CEO, the Chairman of the Board will sign-off. The sign-off by the President & CEO or Chairman of the Board, will signify that the concern/complaint has been dealt with and that the Credit Union has modified procedures to mitigate similar future concerns/complaints.