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There are countless benefits to becoming a member of SPARK!

Here are only some of a few of them!

Lower Fees

SPARK, and credit unions in general, exist to help their member-owners thrive financially. This means that rather than to turn a proift, their primary objective is to provide competitive financial services to benefit their members and the communities that they operate in.

Voting Rights

As a member-owner, you have a say in important credit union decisions, such as who gets to be on the Board of Directors. You also have a hand in developing the credit union's constitution, by way of voting on the bylaws that govern it's structure.

Community Focus

As a credit union dedicated to fulfilling the financial needs of Albertans working in and supporting our dynamic energy industries, SPARK's mandate is to focus on the needs of the people and communities that have similar interests.

Profit Sharing

When you become a member of SPARK, you automatically own a piece of the credit union. Your member shares represent your ownership and when we profit, so do you! Every year, our Board of Directors declare a dividend amount to return to our members, as a way to thank you for your support. This means that the more you bank with SPARK, the more successful we become, and the more we can share our successes with you.

100% Deposit Guarantee

SPARK offers all members a 100% deposit gurantee through the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. This covers not only your principal investment - it includes any interest that you earn, up to any dollar amount!

Personal Service

Credit unions are known for the member service excellence - and SPARK is no different! We go above and beyond for our members by focus on solutions that help them meet your financial needs.

Our Performance

Learn more about SPARK's performance through the years.