Benefits of a mortgage with SPARK

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Mortgage Benefits

Full-feature mortgages, with a no-frills price tag

All of our mortgages come with value-added features that give you the freedom and flexibility to go wherever life takes you. This means that if you need to refinance, switch jobs, move cities, or sell your house, you can be at ease knowing that your SPARK mortgage will have flexible options for you.


Despite our best-laid plans, life sometimes takes an unexecepted turn. If you find yourself unable to meet your monthly loan obligations, we may be able to help. Our Skip-A-Payment Program allows you to defer up to two months of loan, line of credit, or mortgage payments on SPARK borrowing products in good standing.

20/20 Prepayment Privilege

If you have a closed mortgage, you can usually only pay down your mortgage at the end of your term. However, all SPARK closed mortgages include our best-in-class 20/20 Prepayment Privilege, which means that each year, you can prepay up to 20% of your principal amount AND increase your payments by 20%.

90-Day Rate Guarantee

When you apply for a mortgage with SPARK, we'll hold your rate for 90 days so you can shop for your dream home with confidence. Even if our posted rates go up, your rate is guaranteed as long as your mortgage is funded within 90 days of your application.*


Porting a mortgage may be a good idea if you're buying a new home and would like to port, or transfer, the rate and terms of your existing SPARK mortgage to your new home. This feature is available for mortgages on owner-occupied primary residences, both conventional and high-ratio.

Early Renewals

If you have a mortgage maturing in the next 12 months, you may be eligible to renew your mortgage prior to maturity without any penalties.*

*Exclusions may apply, particularly when we have limited-time promotional offers that have terms and conditions that may override our standard borrowing features.