Renewing Your Mortgage

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Renewing Your Mortgage

When it's time to renew your mortgage, you can count on us to offer you competitive pricing.

SPARK will send you a mortgage renewal notification by mail, with a list of different options and rates to choose from. You will automatically be eligible for a 90-day renewal rate guantee, which means that you're protected from an increase in interest rates during your renewal period. If rate change before your renewal date, you will automatically receive the lower rate for the term and the type of mortgage you choose.

Do you have questions about an upcoming mortgage renewal, or would you like to transfer your maturing mortgage to SPARK? Talk to our Financial Advisors and we will provide you expert advice to ensure that your mortgage suits your current financial situation and goals.

Why Borrow From SPARK?

  • Flexible payment schedules
  • No-commitement pre-approvals
  • 90-day rate guarantee
  • 20/20 pre-payment privileges
  • Skip-a-payment twice a year
  • Optional credit insurance
  • And more!