Powerline of Credit

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Powerline of Credit

Do you need to have access to funds to make a large purchase, or even just for everyday spending?

Look no further than the SPARK Powerline of Credit. This solution gives you flexible borrowing at competitive rates to meet your ever-changing needs.

Why get a SPARK Powerline of Credit?

  • You can borrow money on an ongoing basis, without having to apply each time
  • You can borrow for rates that are generally lower than most credit cards
  • You have the choice to pay only the minimum payment amount, or to make larger payments
  • You may have the option to make interest-only payments*

Why Borrow From SPARK?

  • Flexible payment options
  • No-commitement pre-approvals
  • 90-day rate gurantee
  • Skip-a-payment twice a year
  • Optional credit insurance
  • And more!
Why Borrow With SPARK