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Spring Break Mortgage

Want to plant your roots, but worried about unexpected events? The Spring Break Mortgage was built with you in mind. Get a mortgage bundled with a savings component to help you make your payments, no matter what life has in store.


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How does it work?

  • Part of your monthly payments atuomatically go towards a savings account which you can draw from in the event of an income interruption
  • The savings portion of your Spring Break Mortgage receives a preferred rate that is higher than our posted savings rate*
  • In the event that you do not use of your Spring Break savings balance within a predetermined period of time, you can apply this to your mortgage to pay it down more quickly

Why get a Spring Break Mortgage?

  • You get competitive fixed or variable rates on both the mortgage and savings component of your Spring Break Mortgage
  • You can choose from a range of flexible payment schedules to meet your lifestyle and budget
  • You can pay up to 20% of your original mortgage amount per year, and increase your payments by up to 20% per year without penalty
  • You may be eligible to receive optional creditor insurance to protect you from life's unexpected events such as disability and loss of life

Don't let the stress of mortgage payments hold you back from enjoying your dream home.

Apply for a Spring Break Mortgage now and we will guarantee your rate for 90 days.

Why Bank With SPARK?

  • Flexible payment schedules
  • No-commitment pre-approvals
  • 90-day rate guarantee
  • 20/20 pre-payment privileges
  • Skip-a-payment twice a year
  • Optional credit insurance
  • And more!
Why Borrow With SPARK?