Non-Registered Investing

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Non-Registered Investing

Short Term Investing

If you’re looking to invest a lump sum of money for a short period of time and want to guarantee your principal is returned, then a short-term GIC would benefit you. When you invest in a short-term GIC, you’ll earn interest on your savings with your principal returned to you. When you compare it to an investment in the stock market, the potential for a loss of your principal exists which is why investors include short-term GICS in their portfolio.

GICs also mature very quickly, so you aren’t locking your money in for an extended period of time like you would with long-term GICs. This allows investors to reinvest their money somewhere else for a short period of time and when interest rates go up, an investor in a short-term GIC can take advantage of better rates once their GIC matures.

Long Term Investing

Investing in a long-term GIC makes sense if you want to invest your money for a long time frame without the risk of losing your original investment. Long-term GICs tend to offer higher interest rates, compared to short-term GICs. If you think of yourself as a conservative investor, long-term GICs can be part of the fixed-income component of your portfolio — they don’t offer high returns but they are a safe investment because the principal is always guaranteed.