Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Our credit union's Board of Directors is committed to the success of your credit union.

Comprised of volunteers from diverse professional backgrounds, these talented individuals bring a wide set of skills ranging from finance, strategy, marketing, and stakeholder engagement.

Armed with a passion for the cooperative system and the desire to see SPARK The Energy Credit Union thrive, your SPARK The Energy Credit Union Board of Directors devote countless hours to ensure that our risks are mitigated, that our financials in good shape, and that we are able to take advantage of business development opportunities as they arise.

Our Current Board

President Adam Battistessa
1st Vice President Tim Rose
2nd Vice President Amber Haworth
Audit Finance Committee Chair Jason Anderson
Marketing Committee Chair Tim Crowe
Risk Committee Chair Stephen DeLude
Governance Committee Chair Charles Deland
Directors-at-Large Theresa Acchione
Belinda Simpson
Erin Bradley
Tanya Giulford
Director Trainees Leo Kyle
Talib Daredia