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Shell Credit Union is amazing. Dorothy at Scotford is probably one of the nicest ladies I have ever met. We have dealt with her since 2006 and she has been incredible. We have several mortgages through her and a HELOC. She is super accommodating and always willing to help out with whatever questions I have. I absolutely love her and Shell is truly the best bank I have ever dealt with

Andrea Nadeau

My name is Sebastian C., I am a member of Shell Credit Union, and I just wanted to write a quick e-mail to express my gratitude for the service I received from your loans officer, John Knight.

I was involved in car accident a couple weeks ago and I needed to purchase a new vehicle quickly. I needed to open a line of credit right away so I could get back on the road. I filled out the loan application on Sunday night and John contacted me the next morning needing more details. When he learned of my situation he let me know immediately what papers I would need to expedite the process. When I had what I needed I came into the credit union and John was ready with the paperwork. He was very thorough in explaining everything and answering my questions. The account was ready right away so I could carry on shopping for a new car.

I knew this is a busy time of year for financial institutions however, throughout the whole process John was very fast to answer my e-mails. When I met him in person he was kind, polite and professional. He answered my questions on the loan and gave me great advice regarding RRSPs. I left feeling very satisfied and glad I was a member of such a great credit union. I thought borrowing money was going to be a difficult and lengthy process but he made it the exact opposite.

Please let him know that he has left a great impression on me and I am very happy with the service I have received from The Shell Credit Union. Thank you.

Sebastian C.

I joined the Shell Credit Union 8 years ago.  What drew me to SCU were their incredible rates and friendly, efficient staff. I rely on their experienced, knowledgeable and professional experts for sound and proven financial advice and direction.  The service I receive at ShellCU is first-class and I am provided with the type of personalized interaction that you would find at a small town bank.  Shell Credit Union offers the competitive rates of a large financial institution with the tailored service of a small bank, giving its clients the best of both worlds. 

Joy Soepono

I would like to pass on my satisfaction in dealing with the Shell Employees' Credit Union. Liz Snowball delivers the best customer service I have ever had from a bank.

I became a member of Shell Employees' Credit Union in 2000 when I got my first mortgage. I was single then. Since, my husband and I moved to a larger house so increased our mortgage, added the purchase of his trapline to the debt, borrowed RRSP cash and finally money to develop our basement, I think there was a truck in there somewhere too and then we paid it all off this spring except for an additional line of credit that we used instead of vehicle loan that we plan to have cleared next spring.

Liz was involved in all the transactions except the first 2 house ones and the RRSP one. She is knowledgeable and prompt and pleasant. Always creative on how we can make signing and the transfer of money convenient for us. I was disappointed when she reduced her hours but it seems she still is able to deliver the same standard if service as when she was there more.

The service you are able to deliver is unusually personable for today's banking. I hope you never change and continue to support your employees to provide this "talk to a real person" service you have given me in the past 13 years. We always ask your bank first and will continue to for as long as we can!

Thanks again,

Terri and Michael

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