Switch your accounts to SECU with ease!

At Spark The Energy Credit Union our goal is to be our members' first choice for financial services. That's why we've built this online SwitchEasy Page to make the procees of moving your day-to-day banking accounts as easy as possible! It's just one example our continued commitment to providing outstanding member service.

On this page, you'll find all the resources you'll need to switch, including:

  • Helpful information on how to proceed
  • Detailed worksheets to help you keep track of account information, including direct deposits and pre-authorized payments
  • Letters to reroute your direct deposits and pre-authorized payment through your Spark The Energy Credit Union Chequing Account
  • Reconciliation worksheets to make sure nothing gets missed during your account transition
  • An account closing request letter to send to your former bank

Let's get started shall, we?

Step 1: SwitchEasy Worksheets Expand/Collapse


Take a few minutes to gather all available information about the transactions you need to transfer. You might want to have a copy of your most recent statements to identify everything and to ensure nothing gets missed.

Download the following worksheets to organize information such as:

Direct Deposits

Pension Income

Pre-authorized Payments

Auto Loan/Lease
Mortgage/Rent Payments
Gym Membership
Insurance Payments

It might also be a good opportunity to think about other regular monthly payments for which you currently write cheques and would like to set up as a pre-authorized payment.

Determine how you will contact these businesses:

a) Call the company to make the switch
b) Log on to the company's website and enter the change request online
c) Send a letter to the company for transfer transactions*

*Our Member Service Representatives will be happy to assist you, should you choose to go for Option C.


Step 2: Member Information Form Expand/Collapse


Fill out this Member Information Form with your SECU account information.

Step 3: Form Letters Expand/Collapse


If you are not mailing any transfer letters, proceed to Step 4.

Otherwise, complete the request to transfer letters as needed:

Our Member Service Representatives can assist with ensuring that these requests are mailed out to you depositors and payees.

If you are a Shell Canada employee, contact us for information on how to change your payroll information online through the Shell Intranet.


    Step 4: Reconciliation Worksheet Expand/Collapse


    Use this worksheet to reconcile your old bank account to ensure that direct deposits and pre-authorized payments are being made to your SECU account.

    Step 5: Account Closing Request Letter Expand/Collapse


    Once all of the automatic transactions have been processed through your SECU account and all of the transactions have cleared your old account, send this account closing request to your former bank to close your account.

    Account Transfer Complete! Expand/Collapse


    Congratulations! You now have successfully switched all of your transactions to your new account.

    Thank you for choosing Shell Employees' Credit Union and we look forward to meeting and exceeding your member service expectations!